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Located in Perth, Frank has practiced as a criminal defence lawyer and barrister in trials and sentencing hearings across the State. As a client, you can expect an outcome delivered on the following basis:

1. An initial consultation arranged on an urgent basis;

2. Prompt and experienced initial advice with a clear summary of your charges and all of the options that may be available to you;

3. An outline of the potential outcomes and a clear plan for you to work towards, whether it be a plea negotiation, trial, sentencing or bail application;

4. Experienced representation from the beginning of your matter right through to your final hearing.

Being charged with a criminal offence is a serious matter and requires urgent and experienced advice. As a criminal defence Barrister, Frank endeavours to provide Clients with clear and comprehensive advice on an urgent basis so that they feel fully informed as to all available options. 

With experience in serious matters such as murder, serious assaults, drug offences ( i.e. - possession with intent to sell or supply and other commercial drug related offending), outlaw motorcycle gang related offending, property offences, sexual offences and various other matters, Frank regularly appears in Western Australian superior Court's for trial, sentencing and appellate matters. 

To arrange an urgent consultation, please phone me directly or send me an urgent enquiry using the form below.

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