Experienced, comprehensive and urgent advice, coupled with high-level courtroom representation.

With trial, sentencing and appeal experience as a Perth criminal defence lawyer and barrister across all types of criminal matters including drugs charges, assault charges, sexual offences and all other serious criminal offences, I aim to deliver understandable and urgent advice so that you feel comfortable about where your criminal charges are going and what the potential outcomes are. With an excellent rate of success, whether it be relating to acquittals of my former clients following a trial, discontinuance of serious charges following successful negotiations with the Prosecution or by way of achieving desirable sentencing outcomes, I am able to provide you with comprehensive advice across all areas of the criminal law.

If you, a family member or a friend are charged with criminal offending and require urgent assistance, please feel free to contact me urgently on 0431 454 908.

Drug Offences

  • Drug offences can range from low-level offences (simple possession of a drug for personal use) to very serious (commercial possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply. Accordingly, the penalties imposed for offences of this kind can range from minor fines to lengthy terms of imprisonment. With experience across all kinds of drug matters, simple and complex, I am able to advise you in detail as to the potential consequences of your drug matters.

Violent Offences

All offences of a violent nature are inherently serious, although the range of penalties can run from low end fines to lengthy terms of imprisonment. Depending on the circumstances of the case, there are a number of defences that can arise in assault matters. Some issues, whilst not necessarily providing for a defence, may be important when it comes to the assessment of the objective seriousness of your offending. To that extent, a certain circumstances, if they arise on the facts, can have a strong bearing upon the likelihood of a positive sentencing outcome. With broad experience across assault-related and other violent crimes, I am able to advise you on an urgent basis so that you understand what the relevant issues are for the purposes of your trial or sentencing.

Bail Applications

  • Bail applications can be inherently stressful and can often be complex. It is important that you seek experienced counsel to advise and represent you at any bail hearing so as to maximise your prospects of successfully seeking bail. With a vast amount of experience with contested bail hearings in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court, I am well equipped to urgently advise and represent you in your application for bail. For more information as to what you can do to properly instruct your criminal lawyer for a bail hearing, see my page on “What’s needed for a bail application?

Video records of interview with Police

  • If the Police do wish to interview you, it is important that you understand your rights as a suspect. By speaking to a criminal defence lawyer, you’ll be equipped to both understand your position going into the interview and how to not prejudice your own case.

What is needed from the client and what kind of advice you can expect

  • If you have been charged and are required to make an appearance in Court in relation to your charge(s), a careful review of the evidence by an experienced criminal defence lawyer, coupled with detailed advice, will ensure that you understand your matters and that you are in a better position to make good decisions in relation to your charges.

Understand the process of a criminal matter

  • Criminal charges can often be an alien territory for an accused person. With this in mind, I aim to deliver advice that puts my client’s at ease as to what the process of a criminal matter will be and what the potential outcomes are. By doing so, you’ll feel more comfortable about where and how your matters are progressing. For more information, see my page on the process of criminal charges.

Serious Charges Require Urgent Advice.


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