What is the usual process for a criminal matter?

The progress of a criminal offence can be broadly categorised as follows:

  1. Police investigation: Complaint(s) made or potential offence identified;

  2. An accused person may then be given the opportunity to participate in a video record of interview;

  3.  Charges are then laid against an accused person;

  4. Depending on the charges, the accused may be required to make an application for bail;

  5. Legal advice obtained by an accused person;

  6. Initial appearance(s) in Court;

  7. Further time allowed for legal advice and consideration of the evidence by an accused and their lawyer;

  8. Pleas entered (not guilty or guilty)

  9. Charges listed for trial or sentencing; and

  10. Preparation for trial or sentence followed by the final hearing. The matter is then finalised, save for in the instances where an appeal is lodged.

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