Located at Francis Burt Chambers , Frank Merenda specialises in all criminal defence law matters.  As a prospective Client you can expect the following from the first point of contact:

  1. An urgent initial consultation;

  2. Early advice on the status of your matter and the options available to you;

  3. A clear understanding of those matters; and

  4. Experienced representation that includes extensive background and conduct of matters in the following areas:

Criminal Trials:

Drug Offences (for example, possession with intent to sell or supply, sold a prohibited drug, importation of a prohibited drug etc.)

Murder and Other Homicide Matters

Serious Violent Offences (for example, assault occasioning bodily harm, grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding)

Sexual Offences

Violence Restraining Orders

White-Collar Crime (for example, fraud, insider trading)

Offences Against Property (Burglary/Trespass etc, stealing, robbery, armed robbery, arson (criminal damage by fire))

Traffic Matters

Various Other Criminal Offences

Sentencing (Lower and Superior Courts)

Appeals Against Sentence, Conviction and Interlocutory Appeals 

Bail Applications (Lower and Supreme Courts)

Violence Restraining Orders

To arrange an urgent appointment to discuss your criminal law matters, please feel free to submit an urgent request for advice on the form below:

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