There is absolutely nothing that could be worse than being falsely accused of a sexual offence. It is with this in mind that charges of this nature are extremely serious and require urgent advice from an experienced criminal lawyer.

Sexual offences fall into a broad category of offences referred to in the Criminal Code (WA). It goes without saying that these types of offences are extremely serious. If you expect to be charged or have been charged with an offence of this nature, then it is of fundamental importance that you seek urgent advice from a criminal defence lawyer or barrister. 

The Importance of Seeking Professional Advice Prior to or Shortly After Being Charged

Like all criminal matters, you always have the right to silence. If Police do seek to interview you in relation to an offence of this kind, it is important that you have spoken with a criminal defence lawyer or barrister beforehand so that you understand:

1.     What the right to silence is;

2.     What a “no comment” record of interview means; and

3.     What the implications of participating in a video record of interview could be.

The Importance of Quality Legal Representation

If you are found guilty of an offence of this nature, the implications can involve an immediate term of imprisonment and/or being declared as a sex offender and recorded on a register. Beyond these specific implications of not properly defending such a matter at trial, there are broad (and obvious) social implications that can remain with a person for the rest of their life if found guilty of such conduct.

If you are charged or expect to be charged with an offence of this kind, it is important that you urgently speak to a criminal defence lawyer or barrister so that you understand the charges and, likewise, your position at law.

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